Gill Turley - Quiltmaker
Gill Turley - Quiltmaker

Island Piecemakers revisited 27 / 28 July 2016

My second visit to teach this very welcoming group on Hayling Island

Pictures from the "Take 10 Shirts" workshop. Island Piecemakers - Hayling Island 28 July 2016


Patricia Harberd started this Manx log cabin quilt at a workshop she did with me in 2007 at Hayling Island. Finally completed she very kindly sent me a photo. It's a kingsize quilt that has a whole top made of Manx squares. On some of them she has put in their centres an appliqué or embroidery of something that has special meaning to her. It has taken seven years, on and off, to complete the quilt. Congratulations Patricia.I do like to see pictures of quilts that have started life in my workshop and finally been completed.

Talk at Mole Valley Quilters 5th November 2015

Some of my quilts shown at the Mole Valley Quilters talk.

The Quilters' Guild of The British Isles, A.G.M. / Conference weekend Portsmouth, April 2014

Chatting with some of the students at my "Mini Magic" workshop.

Margaret Payne's shirt quilt

started at my "Take Ten Shirts" workshop at The Quilt Room Dorking

End of day photo at my "Take Ten Shirts" workshop, Dublin.

Dublin. The Quilters' Guild of Ireland Annual Retreat and A.G.M. March 2014

Take Ten Shirts workshop hosted by Cambridge Quilters. February 2013

Take Ten Shirts workshop hosted by Cambridge Beautiful red and white zig-zag quilt made by Elaine Haynes

Shabby - Chic Workshop

Hosted by Haslemere Quilters April 2013


Jane Wheeler's Shabby-Chic quilt "Getting Shirty"

Take Ten Shirts Workshop, United Quilters, Farnham

Student Gill's blocks
Jane Rothery's finished quilt.
Shabby-Chic Day

Shabby - Chic Day October 2012


Workshop organised by

The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles, Region Two 

Students at the workshop

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Pat used shiny fabrics in vibrant colours to create this wallhanging.






Artist Pat Salmon attended the Shabby - Chic day, here she is with her lovely wallhanging that she started at the class.


Pat Salmon 19th June 1923 - 24th September 2015

Shabby - Chic quilt made by Penny Peters

Photos of my exhibition at St. Médard de Barbezieux (16) France - July 2012